Data Management, Compliance & e-Discovery

2nd July 2019

11:00am PT

Local Government & Educational Industry – Join our webinar on July 2nd for more detailed information on Data Management for Local Government and Educational organizations.

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GDPR Readiness for unstructured data (file and email)

4th July 2019

11:00am GMT

This webinar is for all those responsible and accountable for the email and file data in your business. The webinar will help you understand the key changes to data protection law, recognise the challenges it imposes on the management of unstructured data and it will give you direction on how to minimise the GDPR risk associated.
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Data management for the not for profit sector

28th May 2019

80% of a company’s data is unstructured…. meaning that four-fifths of your data is extremely difficult to locate, search, protect and monitor. By attending this webinar, you will learn about the best practices to keep the data commissioners at bay. This webinar will cover the key principles of unstructured data management for non-profits, and how to implement technology that will help you manage the risks facing your organisation in relation to data protection laws for example GDPR.

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