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When Not to Reply to an Email

Open All Hours Working time and personal time are becoming more and more blurred. The reach of the former can extend into

Open All Hours

Working time and personal time are becoming more and more blurred. The reach of the former can extend into literally all hours, especially if you are in a globally active organisation. Emails can appear at any time of the day or night and with smart tech devices, it is easy to get notifications and reply in an instant. Most of the time, with good self-discipline, this is not going to be a problem but what about the times you should hold off on that quick reply?

Tired and Emotional
Tired and Emotional

Do Not Reply When:

Under the Influence – Never reply to an email after a few social beverages at or just after events such as the office Christmas party. Alcohol blurs the lines of familiarity and what seems like a funny idea in the moment might end up in disciplinary action or worse.

Angry or upset – Sharp words used in haste will be repented at leisure in any conversation but most especially written ones, just don’t do it – ever!

Unsocial Hours – unless you are a life-saver such as an EMT, Firefighter or similar, there is no reason to reply to an email at 4am.

Fastest Finger First – prizes are seldom awarded for instantly responding to an email alert. Replying in a Pavlovian fashion every time the notification beeps will not add value to your correspondent’s day – take some time to answer the enquiry properly!

“Waffling” – if there is somebody better qualified to respond to an enquiry, wait until you can confer with them to properly answer the query rather than fill your correspondent’s inbox with no value emails.

Worst Case Scenario

In case it all goes wrong and legal action or internal disputes arise, we can deploy MailMeter’s eDiscovery power to make decisions based on facts.

Using the practice of Early Case Assessment, management can quickly make a decision based on e-Discovery results which is usually done in minutes.

 e-Discovery on email content gives your legal team insight into exposure, evidence, expanded potential problem areas, and clear-cut facts showing the likelihood of a legal win or loss clearly.

  • Using e-Discovery on email content, you can separate the emotions of people from the hard facts. Internal HR disputes, employee claims, customer complaints, internal warnings, side comments, and any cover up activity can quickly be identified to piece the story together and determine a course of action. Early case assessment is the best action to reducing legal costs.
  • With MailMeter Investigate, eDiscovery on email content becomes a standard tool in the legal and HR team arsenal. It’s easy to quantify the amount of email and the seriousness of its contents.

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