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File Archiving – Why is the ROI both Huge and Instant?

The cost of storage keeps skyrocketing Your file server storage usage will continue to increase until: Backups no longer run or don’t

File Archiving - ROI

The cost of storage keeps skyrocketing

Your file server storage usage will continue to increase until:

  1. Backups no longer run or don’t finish in time; or
  2. You will finally run out of storage space; or
  3. Use an affordable and easy-to-install file Archiving solution.

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You can’t manage what you can’t see. You don’t have an easy way to get usage reports on your file servers; as a result how will you find space when the hardware fills up? It’s tough going to your boss to justify new hardware when you have no facts or evidence of what happened to all the storage space.

Also managing hundreds of GB’s or TB’s can be a nightmare. In the past we have seen that over 50% of a file server contents are old and redundant files. So what files can you delete? We provide an easy-to-install File Analyzer and File Archiving tool to tame your Uncontrolled File Server Growth and the best part? It’s affordable.

Best Practice for Management of Uncontrolled Growth

  • Insight: File Analyzer reporting and analysis gives you instant understanding and insight into your file server storage usage.
  • Organise: File Analyzer gives you a lot of reports. You can see the oldest, most duplicated and redundant files filling up your file servers.
  • Clean: From any report, click on a file or folder and delete it from your server, reclaiming valuable storage space. Old or redundant files are deleted by using File Archiver policies.
  • Set a Storage Goal and use Automated Policies: File Archiver uses automated policies e.g. by age or access date. Automatic policies can compress, encrypt and store files for automatic retrieval on the archive.

“We continue to hear administrators talk about how storage is out of control on file servers,” said Brendan Nolan, US CEO of Waterford Technologies. “We are always shocked at the number of businesses that are unaware of how their file server space is being used. Most of the time we find that administrators don’t have time for housekeeping and don’t see how much waste there is. So we created a free tool, File Analyzer Lite that quickly gives them insight into potential savings that they can share with their management.”

File Archiving

Storage space is costly and can add up quickly considering the amount of information users save. Storing multiple copies of large files over several years fills storage space quickly. As a result servers filling up too quickly, backups take longer  and management costs are higher. With the File Analyzer Lite tool, businesses can instantly see how they are using space and either pat themselves on the back or take action to adjust their storage approach.

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