Why MailMeter?

An email archive that enforces compliance, stimulates storage savings, and speeds up e-discovery

A better question might be why archive?  Think about what email provides your organization.  It provides the key communication platform between your employees, your customers, and your suppliers.  Today, what happens in email, stays in email, until someone deletes it, and once someone deletes it, it is nearly impossible to recover that information unless you are proactively archiving your email.

Corporate email policy is instituted for a reason, just like employee manuals and harassment policy, there are benefits for making the rules clear.  But rules are only rules if they are enforced, and enforcement without evidence is without merit.  Internal communication can be the lubricant of business, but employee complaints must be taken seriously to protect an enterprise from legal action.  As the largest repository of employee communication, email records can be the difference between winning an action and losing.  It can mean the difference between fighting a losing battle and smart settling.  Legal compliance is only one reason you should archive, but internal disputes are a part of every business.

Certainly compliance plays a role in driving the requirement for email archiving, and most companies that are driven by compliance have already instituted an email archiving practice.  But compliance is only one external reason archiving is smart business.  Customers might argue an invoice.  Ex-employees might argue a compensation agreement.  A harassment suit from a vendor employee can cost thousands to defend, and even more if you don’t have all the evidence.  Once sent, an email can be deleted from the email server without creating a long term record, not even in backup.  Walking into court not knowing what the other side knows can never be a good thing.  Know what you need to know, when you need to know it, by archiving, indexing and preserving email as it is sent.

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