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With over twenty-five years of eMail experience with Microsoft Exchange and Lotus Notes along with nearly twenty years of eMail Archiving experience, WPDM recognises MailMeter as being at the forefront in archiving and eDiscovery arena. WPDM also have over ten years of archive migration experience having been a Transvault partner for over ten years. You will be in safe hands when you trust WPDM with migrating your existing Archiving platform to Waterford Technology  


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“We are very excited to be partnering with Waterford Technologies.”

I was initially drawn to Waterford Technology as I was impressed with the Mailmeter and SISCIN products.  The eDiscovery functionality was especially impressive in terms of both the speed of query responses and also the  power of the search terms that can be used.

The more I worked with Waterford the more impressed I was with their responsiveness to our questions and needs, their ability to deliver and their commitment to the success of our partnership. I am confident of a long and fruitful partnership

Alec Wagner, Director
Data Management is Difficult. We make it Easy

The World Has Changed but Data Hasn’t

Budgets are tighter, but you still need a solution to archive, monitor, manage, and look after email and file data from anywhere with less in your pocket. Waterford Technologies provides the same great user experience at home or in the office.